Team Training
Benefit from the latest sales techniques applied in successful digital companies. Equip your team with practical training that can be immediately applied to achieve your sales goals.
Prospection Bootcamp - 3 days
Prospect, engage with, and win over new clients by learning to:
  • Master LinkedIn and Google to create a prospection list.
  • Set up and confirm meetings, follow-ups, and other logistics.
  • Pitch a software solution over the phone expertly.
  • Improve your voice, tone, and body language to create an impactful impression.
  • Set up a meeting.
  • Ingrain the temperament needed to get results all the time.
You will be practicing 60% of the time with a coach expert in prospecting.
Cloud Sales Bootcamp - 5 days
Become a champion in selling cloud solutions with this intensive bootcamp that’s divided into 2 streams.
Cloud Awareness
Understand the IT environment of your clients, their challenges and how cloud fits in as the right solution for them. Here’s what you will learn:
  • Analyzing the clients’ legacy systems (hardware and software) and understanding the main acronyms used in the industry
  • Asking relevant questions tapping into the typical challenges of your clients
  • Gaining an understanding of the main benefits of the cloud and future trends
Sales Techniques
Learn the craft of business development and boost your sales. You will know how to:
  • Ask the right questions to understand your clients’ requirements.
  • Demonstrate and present your solutions in less than 45 minutes with maximum impact.
  • Follow up, negotiate and close a deal.
Our coach will engage you in role play exercises to practise and master the art of sales.
Managing your North American operations from abroad can be challenging. Ease it out with our local support that will efficiently handle all your requirements on the ground.
Our support includes the following services:
We scout for and set up interviews with suitable candidates that are a good fit with the culture and vision of your company.
Keep a lean staff by letting us manage salaries and tax payments.
Use our training to equip your business developers with sales techniques adapted for the American markets. We also acquaint them with cultural do’s and don’ts.
We offer sustained support through weekly meetings with your business developers--answering queries, developing ideas, and also detecting early signs of personal or professional stress and providing necessary intervention.
During the 6- to 12-month long incubation period, your business developers get access to our network of clients, partners, and consultants--thus getting a quick connect to the local market.
Co-working space
Your employees are hosted in our co-working space, with a track record of 3 years in providing superior infrastructure such as high-speed internet, open-space offices, telephony and video conferencing systems.
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