Watch your business growth shoot up-- with our seamless suite of sales offerings. Prospecting campaigns, sales strategy and campaigns, bootcamps... we offer all that you need for the numbers to grow.
Business Growth
Prospecting campaigns
We adopt a systematic approach to attract new audiences that show the potential to become your customers.
Our expert business developers create a researched database of solid leads that mirror your existing customers.
We engage continuously with your prospects on the phone—selling your value proposition, dealing with their requirements and setting up meetings to pursue further.
Our developers are seasoned hunters that spare no effort to move your prospects through the sales cycle to conversion, thereby boosting your revenue.
Sales campaigns
We deliver end-to-end sales solutions. Beyond prospection, we sell on your behalf. We analyze your goals and business trajectory and realign strategy as needed to increase revenue.
Are you off target? Are you booming? We ensure acceleration by assigning more resources to negotiate, close deals, and help you achieve your goals.
You get access to a plug-and-play sales machine drawn on the best performing IT companies. Solution selling process, CRM, analytical and sourcing tools, continuous training...nothing is left to chance.
Technology expertise
The rich legacy of our founders in IT business development has honed our team in successfully marketing technology solutions, such as cloud applications, professional services as well as equipment in the IoT space.
Verticals we specialize in
Against the background of our across-the-spectrum expertise, we specialize in:
Smart City
This is the first vertical we set up at Infinite Growth. We are recognized in the field and have made our mark at several important events. On top of accelerating your sales in this field, Infinite Growth, in partnership with Jalon Mtl, propels you in the Smart Mobility ecosystem in Montreal.
Our dedicated team of business developers helps you maximize opportunities in the financial and insurance space. Given their understanding of this domain and an existing network in Toronto and New York, they are quick to spot potential and follow it through--giving your business a definite advantage.
Our clients in this field have benefited from our inputs to improve their productivity and manufacturing process. Through ERPs and IoT solutions, the Industry 4.0 offers many opportunities for digital companies in North America.
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