Infinite Growth offers end-to-end sales solutions to businesses looking to set up base or expand in the United States and Canada. Our expertise is in cloud-based applications, but we cover all areas of the IT industry such as professional services, integration, and hardware.
We are committed to enabling our clients’ revenue growth and provide a suite of offerings that follows up from prospecting right till conversion. We also offer training to transform your team into sales champions, and infrastructure support for companies new to North America.
We are passionate about our clients finding newer clients and growing their business!
We operate on the following key principles:
Total sales
Total sales support solutions -
From generating new leads to helping foreign companies with infrastructure for local operations--we’ve got you covered.
Lead Generation
Lead generation -
We prospect, detect, and qualify new business leads and set up sales pitches that will bring you success.
Focus on tech solutions -
We have more than 20 years of experience in information technology. Most of our clients are cloud computing companies.
Business 2 Business
Business-to-business -
We employ proven B2B techniques to convert more leads into sales.
Customer-centered -
We are headquartered in Toronto, with a sound understanding of the North American market. We have in-depth knowledge of the culture that guides our overseas clients. Our employees are fluent in English and French to bridge language barriers.
Quick introduction to 2 of our clients:
Located in Paris, France, Viareport is a software company with core expertise in creating financial reporting solutions. Infinite Growth engaged with them in their journey to expand from Europe to Canada. We started with doing prospection campaigns and now oversee their entire sales process in Canada.
This is a software company with its base in Montreal, Canada. It specializes in enabling other companies to host or migrate their solutions to the cloud. We have successfully collaborated with Oriso to grow their business in new locations in France.
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